Download RPG Maker XP RTP

Please install the RTP setup from the official RPG Maker website. Make sure to install it BEFORE running the game! The game will not run if the RTP is not installed! You will receieve an error stating "RGSS104E.dll is missing" if you DON'T GET THE RTP FIRST!!!

RTP-RGSS Download

Update News


Once again lowered the difficulty of the button presses for the final areas and the scissor girl area.
Removed credit videos 1, 2, 3, and 4. This was replaced with an ingame credits sequence which requires no videos!
This should also boost download times as the file filesize is significantly smaller!
Fixed a bug with the wires not breaking after failing to break the first time then successfully breaking them the second time.

Please note if CANNOT SEE ANY TEXT in the game, Try downloading the "Constantia" font! Various older systems don't have this font installed, find it here: Constantia Font Download