Download RPG Maker XP RTP

Please install the RTP setup from the official RPG Maker website. Make sure to install it BEFORE running the game! The game will not run if the RTP is not installed! You will receieve an error stating "RGSS104E.dll is missing" if you DON'T GET THE RTP FIRST!!!

RTP-RGSS Download

The nightmare isn't over yet

(Mario) The Music Box -ARC- (pronounced as "ark") Is the extension to the "Missing" ending in it's previous game. This game is also meant to explain some backstory to Alice and Riba and the demise of their lovely family.

What is an arc?

An arc is an extended story or timeline which the main game takes place. Since I thought the missing ending was the easiest and shortest ending to get, I decided to make a stand alone extension.

Choose your path

You can pick your path to be sane or insane. Your choices matter in this game. Certain events will be changed. Whatever side you choose will determine what endings you will get.


Insane route will be focusing on Mario's slip into insanity after the "death" of his brother. Mario will have a stronger chance of survival. If you choose to give in into Alice's control in the first major choice you will be locked onto the "Insane" route. Which will feature 6 possible endings.


The sane route will be focusing on Mario's struggle with keeping his sanity. He is prone to more danger and instant deaths. If you refuse to give into Alice's control in the first major choice you will be locked onto the "Sane" route. Which will feature 3 possible endings.

What will you choose?

Please note that this is a 13+ game! It contains:

gore, suicide, self-harm and murder. If you are sensitive to these issues please do not play this game. We are not responsible for any actions resulting from this game. Please proceed with caution.

Download (Mario) The Music Box -ARC- v1.2.1 FULL GAME

Download (Mario) The Music Box -ARC- v1.2.1 UPDATE ONLY

To install the update, replace the files included in the zip with your current game files!

Update News

2/14/2019 - Valentines day - Update 1.2.1 - Hotfix

-Lots of bug fixes
-Added missing audio files
-Added valentines day area
You can find the new area by interacting with the heart pedestal in the insane route! The update provides a save file if you have lost your previous save.

1/20/2019 - Update 1.1

-Fixed an issue with the player during the ??? boss.
-Fixed a bug with the cleaver.
-Fixed misc minor bugs

Initial Release

Please note if you CANNOT SEE ANY TEXT in the game, Try downloading the "Constantia" font! Various older systems don't have this font installed, find it here: Constantia Font Download