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(Mario) The Music Box

A FREE horror/survival/puzzle fangame created in RPG Maker XP, Inspired by Corpse Party, Mad Father and The Witch's House.

Game Information

NOTE: This game shifts away from the Mario universe!

Mario has heard rumors of an abandoned home that has been close to the Mushroom Kingdom for over a century. That people who go inside it never come back. Mario and Princess Peach were supposed to investigate the strange place but Mario decided to go alone. Inside the home he finds a strange music box that was playing by itself. Little did he know that a "harmless" music box would've caused the home to try to eat him alive.

Why did I create such a gruesome game?

This game is what I had in my inner thoughts. My demons, my emotions and my mental condition. During the years I started to create (Mario)The Music Box I was going through therapy for my emotional distress. I poured all my inner thoughts into this game this why there’s so many depictions of death and suicide. After a few years I had met someone in my life who took care of me and took my hand in marriage. Soon all these inner thoughts and demons started to disappear little by little, thus why the game took so much longer to develop. I started to lose ideas, and eventually seized development for the game. I then was motivated by my husband and some friends to complete the game since it was a game created by my feelings and not just thought out. By playing this game you can see what horrible thoughts went through my mind during the years I first started the game (Before I started to remake the art as well). I really never planned to release it to the public to this being my first game, but I hope you all enjoy it regardless.


We're just a husband and wife team trying to kill some time.